NYS Retirement Matters

NYS Retirement MattersThe Firm has a long history of interaction with the New York State and Local Retirement System, as well as the New York State Policeman and Fireman’s Retirement System. Primarily, the Firm represents and/or assists municipalities in their applications for accidental and/or performance-of-duty disability retirements typically for public safety personnel, either police officers or firefighters. Navigating the requirements of the disability retirement laws, as well as the rules and regulations enacted in furtherance of those laws, is never easy but the Group’s experience over the past several decades uniquely positions it to advise clients how best to prepare their applications and present their cases so they have the best possible chance of achieving a successful outcome, i.e., the awarding of a disability retirement. Additionally, the Firm has successfully represented individuals seeking to have the provisions of the Retirement and Social Security Law apply to them as was intended by various sections of that statute which provide benefits to members of the Retirement System. Most recently, the Firm has successfully represented numerous individuals whose membership and service credit in the Retirement System was improperly terminated by the New York State Comptroller and the Retirement System itself. The Labor Group has successfully represented individuals in administrative hearings to have their membership status and credits restored after they were improperly taken or to prevent membership status and credits from being taken.